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An update from the garden:

We've had a brilliant crop of rhubarb this year. Just taken the last pick a bit later than usual as it's been so prolific!

Rhubarb needs an open, sunny site with moist, but free-draining soil, as it dislikes being waterlogged.

Stalks are harvested by gently twisting the stems and pulling from the base of the plant. Leaves shouldn't be eaten as they contain oxalic acid and are poisonous.

Allow the foliage to die back naturally in autumn, then cut away the old leaves to expose the growing points to winter cold.

Every spring apply a mulch to give it a boost for the year ahead.

I use home made compost .

I've 4 plastic compost bins which are filled with vegetable waste, cardboard, rolled up "balls" of paper and spent soil from tomato plants and the like.

The picked rhubarb is made into crumble, served on its own with yogurt or added to gin to make delicious rhubarb gin; ready in time for Christmas.

Until next time keep enjoying your garden!

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