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Harden Beck Horticultural Society 


AGM 28th March 2023 


Chairman's Report: 


The cycle of events around the Horticultural Society are slowly getting back to how it was before. Before covid that is!! 


Our last AGM was held on 26th February 2020.

It was well attended as new committee members and helpers had answered the call to " get on board " at the Extraordinary General Meeting the previous October.  Unfortunately just as we were gaining momentum we were stopped in our tracks as the month after the AGM (March 2020) the country was plunged into  "lockdown "!

Fortunately our new committee are made of "the right stuff". Dependable.  Tenacious.  Stayers. 


The main focus last year was to make sure we had an annual show; an opportunity to bring the community together after the dark times of lockdown and living with the covid virus. 

Planning and preparation started early 2022 and our 59th Annual Show went ahead on 11th September in the showfield, Long Lane,  after a 3 year absence. 


It was a resounding success with the people of Harden and surrounding area turning out to support the event. 

There were familiar faces in attendance and also people new to the village; a number of whom have offered help and support to this year's show.

We had excellent coverage in the Keighley News(online and printed press) and also the Telegraph & Argus. 

Thanks to Alastair Shand, Chief Reporter & Editor , at the Keighley News for his continued support of the Society. 

The new committee and helpers were absolutely brilliant putting in time and effort in the weeks leading up to the show and on the day itself.


As Chairman I'd like to give a special mention to Ian Hales, our showfield manager,  who cuts the grass and generally maintains the showfield so its perfect for the " big day".

Ian actually mowed the field last week. The first cut of the year! 


A thankyou to our helpers Darren Robinson,  David Joliffe,  Richard Hird,  Mark Bashforth and Carl West for helping with maintenance work, cutting down trees,  sorting out the electricity supply and making sure the water was connected and in working order. 

Darren Robinson in particular gave up a lot of his time to rebuild the entrance to the pollytunnel which we use as our exhibition space. 


The Society is always on the lookout for people who, don't necessarily want to be involved with the administrative and financial tasks of a committee, are willing to give their time and knowledge. 


Thankyou to Nick Cummins,  of the Golden Fleece,  for allowing the Society to connect into his electricity supply. 


Thankyou to all the people who contributed to a successful  show . The exhibitors.  The judges. Hall Royd Brass Band. The advertisers & sponsors.

As always it's a real team effort. 


Moving on:- 


Our 60th Annual Show will be held on Sunday 10th September 2023.

Planning has already started for this Diamond Anniversary event. 


Before that the Society is running a day trip to Arley Hall  Garden Festival on Sunday 25th June.

This venue has proven to be very popular in the past.

A coach will be setting off  from outside The Golden Fleece for the hour and half trip to Cheshire. 

Further details on our website. 

Places still available. 

Thankyou to Viv Macdonald for organising this trip and also updating the website & Facebook page. 


On Friday 7th July we are having a potato weigh-in and social  including a BBQ in the showfield. 

Bring your own refreshments or sample the delights on offer at The Golden Fleece!

Thankyou to Chris Robinson & Mick Burke for organising the evening. 


Looking forward to 2024 the Society is to hold a Spring Show. 

Dates & details still to be agreed but information will be available at the September Show. 


To the committee -  Thankyou for giving up your time to attend our regular monthly meetings and carrying out the various functions and processes necessary for running HBHS; a registered charity. 


Its said that giving up your time is giving a portion of your life that you'll not get back. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. 


I'd like us to have a moment of silent reflection for someone who gave his time freely to contribute to the Horticultural Society. 

John Copeman, a long standing member of HBHS, sadly passed away earlier this month. 

He was here with us at our last meeting. 

John was a generous man.

A man you could trust. 

A man who would roll his sleeves up and get "stuck in" particularly around Show day be it cleaning tables & chairs, helping set up the exhibition space. A steward  supporting one of the judges.

Collecting entrance money.

Selling raffle tickets. 


We are all fortunate that by knowing John he made things better for us all.

He didn't seek recognition for what he did.

A true gentleman. 

He'll be missed by the Society and all those that knew him. 


Andy Macdonald,  Chair. HBHS

We are running a trip to Arley Hall Garden Festival
From Harden, by coach, on the 25th June 2023 at 9am

£28 per person

If you are interested call or message Viv to reserve a place

Tel: 07947250736


The sunflowers are doing well. Flowering a month early in the Cobbled Garden at The Old White Horse, Bingley.

Broad beans healthy too.

The lavender is alive with Bees.

At home we have a regular supply of courgettes.

Runner beans starting to do their thing. Borage growing nearby is great for pollinators.

We've loads of Bees

this year. Wonder where they have come from!!

Runners need to be regularly watered especially once in flower and when pods form.

The updated advice from the RHS is not to mist or spray the flowers with water (as used to be advocated) as this has not been shown to help pods set and may actually deter bees!

Plenty of red flowers on the broadbeans and beetroot doing well.

Get in the fresh air and sun this weekend and enjoy the garden; yours or somebody else's 😀#

Time to cut back and pull out some borage from the vegetable plot!

Once established borage can become invasive due to its rampant self-seeding and vigorous growth.

You can grow in pots to control it.

The Bees and other pollinators love borage. It's a helpful companion plant for courgettes and squashes.

I'm also dead heading and cutting back the chives; again so I can see what else is growing and to collect the seed heads. I collect in a large envelope. Give them a good shake so that the tiny

black seeds are left behind. The seeds can be scattered around now or if you prefer wait until spring or share with a friend.

Dividing clumps of chives is also a simple way to relocate or increase this brilliant herb.

I can now see the courgettes that are ready for picking and also the shallots that need to be lifted so they can dry a bit before being pickled. It's all go!

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